How To Find An Apartment In Moscow Using CIAN (in English!)

In which I break the #1 Commandment of Every Moscow Realtor:  “Thou Shalt Not Teach Anyone About The Secret of CIAN”.

CIAN is the site that contains every available property in Moscow.  Here’s a tutorial on how to use it.

But here’s the problem with CIAN:

  • It’s not in English- that can be easily remedied through Google Translate.
  • Not all agents speak English.
  • Not all landlords are foreigner-friendly.

It’s the third point that is the most difficult.  You can easily call 20+ listings before you will find a landlord that is ready to work with foreigners.

That’s why Expat Flat offers you Moscow’s foreigner-friendly landlords.  And Expat Flat is now working on a model where foreigner-friendly landlords can offer their properties on the Expat Flat site themselves.

Check it out to learn the easy way of finding a foreigner-friendly landlord in Moscow.

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