If You Understand These Two Videos, You Will Understand Russia

It has been said that “You can not understand Russia with your mind, you must love her with your heart”.

And it was Winston Churchill himself who stated “Russia is a riddle wrapped inside a mystery, inside an enigma”.

Perhaps that’s true, but the late great statesman of the British Empire sadly had no access to Russia dashcam videos on youtube.  These videos of near misses have gained worldwide celebrity status, showcasing the extremes of life on the Russian road.

But my two favorite Russia dashcam videos show nothing extreme really, and instead simply showcase the mysterious Russian soul.

The first video explains why Russians never smile.  For the famous Russian trait of a severe stare has nothing to do with a troublesome life, or the Soviet past.  Instead, once you have witnessed the hilarity of Russia, nothing else will seem funny.  You will become desensitized to the shallow and weak humor of the West.

Allow me to illustrate with Video #1:

If this video did not leave you choking with laughter, you will never understand Russia.

When Mickey Mouse, Scrat, Bugs Bunny, and Sponge Bob Square Pants join forces to provide some unorthodox driver’s ed to a fellow motorist, the result is a level of humor unparalleled in modern human history.  Indeed, you have just witnessed the standard reserved only for drollery in the most revered echelons of comedy.  If you don’t think it’s funny, I’m not trying to say that you’re not a fun person to hang out with, I’m just saying you might not pass a Russian psychological driver’s license test.  Also, if you don’t think is funny, stay at home.  Do not come to Russia.  On the other hand, if you were able to partake in the true mirth expressed in this clip, you might, like a Russian, never smile again.  Because you will know that, compared to this, nothing else in the world is funny.

Our second video demonstrates the famous proverb that “Russians are like nuts:  hard on the outside, but soft on the inside.  Americans are like cherries: soft on the outside, but hard on the inside”.

You see, despite their rough exteriors and Disney road rage incidents, Russians are some of the most deeply thoughtful folks you will ever meet.  You just have to get inside that tough nutshell.

Here is proof with Video #2:

If this clip did not leave you choking back tears, not only do you not understand Russia, you have no soul.  Also, you have no concern for cats, the elderly, or folks who need a tow.

And with that, if you understood these videos, you understood Russia.  On the other hand, if you just felt the extreme and somewhat inexplicable emotions of this great nation, you might find that although you will never understand Russia, you will certainly enjoy your journey through this great land.  It’s a place where it’s probably not worth getting in a traffic argument, but if you need some help, you might be surprised at how quickly someone might give you a hand.

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