Travel Internationally, Sightsee in Moscow, Save Money

If you are traveling between the East and the West, why not stop in the capital of the land where the East and West collide?  It’s true, perhaps you have dreamed of a visit to the Kremlin, followed by the obligatory selfie in front of St. Basil’s Cathedral.  And maybe you have even learned about Gorky Park’s metamorphosis into an urban oasis and would like to rent a bicycle for a leisurely ride along the Moscow River.

But it all sounds so complicated, am I right?  There are the questions of where to stay, a reliable guide, the bureaucratic headache of a visa, and, of course, how big of a hit your wallet will take in the process.
However, if you’re willing to think just a bit outside the box, you will soon find yourself enjoying a meal at an Arbat street cafe, before heading on to the Cosmonaut Museum.
In recent years, Russia’s Aeroflot Airlines has seen its service really take off, and in this humble blogger’s opinion, now exceeds the international service of any US airline, while maintaining surprisingly low prices.
If your travels are taking you between the West and the East, take a few minutes to compare the prices if you buy your tickets like you always do, or if you buy separate round-trip tickets in and out of Moscow with a few day layover before continuing to your destination on Aeroflot.  Particularly between major cities (New York and Delhi, for instance), you will find that buying tickets via Moscow on Aeroflot might save you a few bucks, and also open up for you the fascinating world that Winston Churchill described as “…a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma”.  You can spend a few days being surprised at the world-class hospitality service in Moscow, that now comes at a much cheaper cost due to the weaker ruble.

Do you really have a good reason to not stop for a moment in Moscow when flying between the East and West?

At Expat Flat Moscow, we recently teamed up with LikeHome, an agency that specializes in serviced apartments in downtown Moscow.  The main purpose of this partnership is to provide our clients at Expat Flat an alternative to the cost and claustrophobia of staying in a hotel room during their relocation and transition into their long term stay in Moscow.
However, this partnership also opens the door to many who would like to spend a few days getting to know a land that was once shrouded behind an Iron Curtain and is now a robust megalopolis, and a major center of influence between the East and West.
If this sounds like a grand proposition, but you are more concerned about the weight of your wallet than an unforgettable life experience, allow me to put your fears to rest.  The cost of a serviced apartment for two people in downtown Moscow, depending on size and exact location, would run you as little as $73/night.  You can also order a driver to pick you up at the airport with a sign for about $35, you will be met at the flat by a representative who will make sure you are comfortable, the apartment is cleaned daily, there is 24/7 telephone support, and you can order an excursion with a qualified guide for a reasonable price to help get you started in exploring Europe’s largest city.
So, if you’re traveling internationally, compare prices with a few day layover in Moscow.  Check out what we consider the best option for your lodging.  And who knows, maybe after a few days, you will decide that the next time you travel internationally, you won’t make Moscow your layover, but your final destination.

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