BREAKING: During The Winter It Snows In Russia (!)

Especially this year.  Moscow recorded the “Snowstorm of the Century” over the weekend.

As a result, the road situation was, um, tenuous.  This humble blogger found himself on a road trip during the storm and is happy to report that he made it.  That’s all I have to say about that.

Perhaps more interesting than the record Moscow snowfall is the response of the Russians, which seems to be a mix of complaining and humor:

“Looks like we were taken by surprise again,” they said, “it snowed in Russia during the winter.”

The snowstorm started on Sunday and continued through Monday and there was even a bit of light snowfall into Tuesday.  The road crews have had quite a challenge to keep up, and from what I understand from the Moscow administration- they are expecting 5 or 6 days (!) to clean up the roads and sidewalks completely.

As the mumbling continues, I saw that the city administration is trying to keep everyone’s spirits up on Twitter:

TRANSLATION: “Each day, the Moscow city services, clean up 1.2 million cubic meters of snow.  If you were to turn that snowpile into a snowman, it would reach a height of 175 meters, which is 15 meters higher than the Shukhovskaya tower.”

The tweet also included this photo of the imagined snowman standing next to the real tower:


I reckon this is a friendly way to remind the kind citizens that the city is working hard and also possibly help us forget that we are up to our kneecaps in snow as we consider a theoretical snowman that reaches incredible heights.

Also, I think you get extra credit if you can calculate the average diameter of said snowman.

And of course, we begin to see some memes like this one:


It says, “The most important thing is to raise your windshield wipers so that they don’t stick (to the windshield)”.

With a little humor and a lot of shoveling, this too will pass.  Winter isn’t winter without a great snowstorm and this year we have one to remember.

And with that, it’s time for me to stop blogging and continue shoveling… let’s enjoy the snow while it lasts.

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