How I Protected Myself From the Draft While Camping in Kamchatka

It is a well known fact that Russians are afraid of the draft.  Not the military draft.  The level of danger associated with forced military conscription is nothing compared to the threat of a window left slightly ajar.

I have spoken about this danger before, but when I was in Kamchatka last year, I had sort of a funny situation when our Russian guide asked us to use some pine branches while setting up the tent.

The situation was a bit extreme.  We were stuck in the river and our satellite phone was not working, but happily this all happened with friends in one of my favorite places on the planet.

Here is how it happened.  For English subtitles click the CC button on the bottom of the YouTube screen (and if you speak Russian, please subscribe to my YouTube channel!).  Enjoy!

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I do find it humorous that it seems that there is no danger in standing at a bus stop for an hour when it is -40 degrees but a slight draft is considered to be unhealthy.  I guess I shouldn’t laugh- over the years I have learned that these peculiarities sometimes turn out to be right.  And it is idiosyncracy that sets any nation apart, and for many of us were why we fell in love with Russia in the first place.

What do you find simultaneously strange and endearing about Russia?

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