Why Do People Decide To Move To Russia?

In the recent curious case of American John Martin, it is said he was planning to go to China, but became lost at sea.  He was traveling down the Yukon River in Alaska in his “personal one-seat boat”, when he decided to take to sea and travel to China.

Planning to go to China from Alaska on a dinghy is both an unusual and unadvisable way to go to Russia.  But just like John Martin, nearly everyone has their personal life philosophy that will lead them to travel internationally.  Most likely, Mr. Martin was only too eager to return home after his adventure, but there are many who will make the conscious choice to move to Russia.

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Here are the Top Five reasons people from around the world move to Russia:

  1.   Russian Women:  When I meet most Russians, they ask me almost immediately if my wife is Russian (she is not).  Although this question always makes me chuckle, it is not baseless.  The majority of long-term expats in Russia are in fact married to Russian women.
  2. The Money:  Going to Russia can be a great step on any expat’s career ladder.  And it can also be incredibly lucrative.  This is both for those who work for multi-national corporations, and also a good number of expats who have come and built their own businesses in Russia.
  3. To Teach English: Many expats who have moved to Russia for reason #1, end up teaching English.  This also works vice-versa.
  4. To Study The Mysterious Russian Soul:  Not to take away from this endless subject, but the longer I live in Russia, the more I see this subject as being “endearing idiosyncracies” such as the wallpaper or mayo situation in the Motherland.  In any case, there is something that is different here, that many have sometimes inexplicably fallen in love with and simply chosen to stay.
  5. Higher Education:  For many Western students this can be to study the Russian language in depth.  There are also many medical students from around the world.  And there is a robust push for international students in the areas of technology and business.

Most people before moving will have questions like whether Russia is a safe place to live.  And while some fall in love with Russia, quite honestly, others can’t wait to leave.

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Do you live in Russia?  If so, what was your reason for moving to Russia?  What advice would you give to those who are considering moving to Russia?  What did you love about Russia?  And what did you not enjoy so much?  Comment below.  I would love to hear from you.

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