Having A Baby In Russia? How Much Does It Cost? (VIDEO)

While many wealthy Russians are choosing Miami as the place of birth for their children, many expats in Russia are questioning whether the birth experience really requires a trip home.

This is a very personal decision for the parents to be, and ultimately will depend on their comfort level with giving birth in Russia.

This humble blogger is the father of four.  For our oldest, we decided to go back to the States.  When my wife became pregnant again, she asked, “Why should we fly to America for four months for a one-day experience?”.   And we subsequently had our three boys born in the city of Perm.  For each of them, we chose a pay option that was incredibly inexpensive, but also gave us the opportunity to make use of some more comfortable facilities and services.

The truth is that medical service quality in Russia is steadily improving, yet remains widely varied across the nation.  This coupled with the fact that it is far from guaranteed that your doctor would speak English at a comfortable level.

Many expectant expat mothers are comfortable in their home in Russia and do not get excited about the idea of international travel being a part of their birth experience.  Often the grandparents and other loved ones are excited to use this as an opportunity to both enjoy a trip to Russia and support the young family during this exciting time.

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This man-blogger decided to learn more about the birth experience in Russia

The cost of having a baby in Russia will depend on whether you choose to use a government or private clinic.  The cost, can literally be free, or it can run into many thousands of dollars for a high-end private clinic.  But paying for the most expensive clinic does not always guarantee the most comfortable birth experience.

If you are in a major Russian city, it is a great idea to find an English-speaking doula  so that you do not need to go through this incredibly significant process alone.  A good doula will listen to your goals and birth plan and also provide information on which hospitals and doctors in the area might be a good fit for you, so that you do not need to feel that the important choice of the place of birth is a “shot in the dark”.

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When making this video “Having A Baby In Moscow | How Much Does It Cost?” I intentionally chose a professional European level birthing center in Moscow.  It was interesting that some folks on social media were surprised at how affordable it was, and others said it was too expensive, and that they had given birth in Russia for significantly less.  It’s interesting that some of the other birthing centers in Moscow provide the same service for twice the price, and more.

Here’s the video:

You can absolutely have a baby in Russia for less than $3250, but after visiting the Perinatal Center in Moscow, I almost wanted to have another baby, just to enjoy their facilities at what is an reasonable cost, particularly given the services provided.

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Perhaps, most importantly, I appreciated Dr. Maria’s point in the video that they will listen carefully to your birth plan and follow it.  Perhaps the most concerning point about giving birth in Russia is that the situation might suddenly slip out of control.

With that in mind, there are many who will want to go back home for the birth experience, but there are also many who are asking the question that my wife asked 15 years ago… “Why go back for four months for a one day event?”.

Did you have a baby in Russia?  I would love to hear about your birth experience in Russia.  Comment below!

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