Rostselmash: The Legendary Russia Harvest Combine Factory

2018 was a good year. I see many of my (Russian) Facebook friends writing lists on social media about what they did this year. I think that’s a cool idea.

It’s funny though what you remember at the end of a year. For example, perhaps my biggest accomplishment this year was publishing a book in Russian or maybe some of the work I did with the World Cup.

But even with that, one of my favorite memories of 2018 was the visit to the Rostselmash harvest combine factory for the Amerikanets youtube channel.


In 2018, I took a ride on a harvest combine for the very first time

Somehow I found it to be super fun and I’m ready to now go to just about any factory anywhere now. Perhaps that’s because there are 3 things you can watch for eternity 1) Fire 2) A waterfall 3) Other people working.

I think Russia has so much to offer the world, and it was cool to get a glimpse of this factory that is playing a part in the development of agriculture in Russia.  The factory is also working to export its machinery to the world, with a particular focus on South America and they surprised me by telling me that they already have production facilities both in the USA and Canada.


Check out my visit to the Rostselmash factory in the city of Rostov-on-Don, and I hope to visit some more Russian factories in 2019.  Because, as I’ve learned, watching other people work is wildly entertaining, and a surprising highlight of the year.




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