Russia’s Authentic Pop-Star Babushkas (VIDEO)

“Party for Everybody, Dance! Come on and dance!”

It was 2012, and a ensemble of babushkas from an unknown Russian village were taking the Europe pop-music scene by storm.

Eurovision is an annual song competition, where each country in Europe can submit one song and then vote for the other countries.  In recent years, it has offered a mix of some quality music, but also some bizarre performances.

But no one saw the babushkas from the village of Buranovo coming.  Their smiles, glowing faces, and mix of English, Russian and native Udmurt language lyrics disarmed the audiences.

In the end, they won 2nd place in the Eurovision contest with their hit “Party For Everybody”

Fast-forward 7 years later.  A couple of weeks ago I was traveling through the Udmurtia Republic with our YouTube channel, and was told that the Buranovo Babushkas were only a 60-kilometer drive away.

To be honest, I thought it might just be a cute or entertaining story, but then I met the Babushkas of Buranovo.

Not only are they incredibly authentic, but their story and continued drive to serve those around them with what they have is a direct challenge to everyone they meet.

As it turns out, their dream was for a church for the village of Buranovo.  And with proceeds from Eurovision and other concerts, they built that church.

The babushkas are all now 80 years old or older, but they are not stopping with the church.  Their new project is building an assisted-living facility for the elderly in the area.

Be sure to watch this video until the end, and allow yourself to be challenged by the Buranovo Babushkas.

“It is only the love of the people that supports us and we continue to live…”

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