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How To Say Goodbye In Russian | Pronunciation and Options!

There are several ways to say goodbye in Russian. First, the most common and usual way to say goodbye in Russian:

Google Translate got this one absolutely right! (Google, however, did get “hello” in Russian (mostly) wrong!).

To say goodbye in Russian, you say “до свидания” (Pronounced “dasvidaniya”).

Now listen to the pronunciation of goodbye in Russian:

If this is your first day in Russia, and it seems difficult, I will teach you a little secret my friends and I used in the 90’s during my first trip to Russia. FULL DISCLOSURE: This is incredibly juvenile. We would say “dogspeedonya”. Our Russian friends would look mildly confused, but catch the meaning and reply “до свидания”!.

Visas to Russia, the Easy Way

You’ve made a new Russian friend. But do you know which way to say “goodbye”?

As with most things Russian, you will be loved and approved as a foreigner if you learn just this one phrase (“dasvidaniya”), but you will be a champion if you learn a few more situational phrases:

There are more ways to say goodbye in Russian, “До встречи”, for example.

What other ways do you know to say goodbye in Russian, and in which situations should they be used, or not used? Comment below!

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