Alpaca Takes Moscow Metro For A Joyride

With 250 stations and a daily passenger load of about 7 million, you would think that there are no surprises left for the Moscow Metro.

But commuting Muscovites had to chuckle at the site of an illegal stowaway, taking advantage of the convenience of the capital city’s famed transit system… in the form of an alpaca.

This is not a face you would expect to see in the crowds massed underground in Moscow

The Moscow metro sent out this message concerning the incident, according to the Russian news portal TASS:

“Yesterday, there was an unusual passenger in the subway – a fluffy alpaca was riding on the ring line as if nothing had happened. The security officer took pity on the animal and let it go with the owners to the subway, although the rules forbid it.…We also love animals very much, but we can transport in no case should such animals be in the subway – if something went wrong, the alpaca could not only suffer itself, but also harm other passengers or stop the movement of trains.”

The statement made no mention of the alpaca using public transportation without a medical mask.


According to eyewitnesses, the alpaca was given the freedom to move around the train, but then was put on a leash in order to be led to the exit. Enjoy a video report:

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